What We Do

Video production. Show Running. Directing. Writing.

TPL is owned by Peter Hays. The Calgary, Alberta company produces feature films, documentary series, commercials and corporate videos.

Projects are developed in-house and managed from development to delivery.

Peter also provides show running and senior story editing services to other TV and film producers based anywhere in North America.

TPL is well-versed in Canadian federal and provincial funding availabilities and has access to provincial and federal tax credit funds for co-productions with outside partners.

our Services

Tangerine Productions offers comprehensive services tailored to meet the unique needs of clients seeking top-tier video production. Through our production studio and filming gear, clients are provided with the best of video production technology to get your creative vision out to your audience. Our project development starts with a thorough conversation about goals and messaging. We will take you every step of the way, from crafting compelling scripts, to planning every detail of the production process together.

Tangerine Productions is dedicated to bringing your ideas to life on screen.


In 2023/24 TPL produced Flashback, a feature documentary film about the legendary 80s nightclub that became famous in the club scene despite its unlikely location — Edmonton, Alberta.

In addition to the 91-minute feature film, the project includes a 31-minute ‘making-of’ featurette called Flash Forward, a 98-second trailer and 26-second teaser, a 12” limited-edition vinyl soundtrack record of two original disco recordings, and a variety of promotional merchandise including pins, postcards and an LED Flashback sign that mirrors the design of the iconic neon sign that hung in the entrance of the original club.


Peter Hays started producing live and live-to-tape current events television programs in the 1990s. As a TV executive he has delivered hundreds of hours of finished television in news and current affairs.

Peter has developed and sold unique ideas to broadcasters in a variety of genres.

From coming up with show titles for successful series concepts such as Liography, Open Homes, Movies That Kill, and Landmarks, to mapping out production methodologies and budgets, to building production and post-production teams, to running story departments and writing and re-writing scripts of all kinds in half-hour and hour-long formats, Peter has a proven track-record of taking an idea and making a popular TV series out of it.


TPL has a complete camera, lighting and audio package for producing budget-minded high-quality commercials and corporate videos. This includes two SONY Nxcam camcorders, each with boom and lav wireless or wired microphones, multiple LED lights and a greenscreen studio.

TPL has two GoPro 10s and two DJ Fly mini drones for innovative field shooting. Peter is proficient in running the camera, audio and lighting systems and has employed them in a number of TPL-owned films and TV series.

In addition, Peter works closely with corporate clients to hone messaging and scripts, so that a company’s story is properly conveyed to its audiences via broadcast, web or SM platforms.

Past examples of corporate campaigns include stories about bus drivers and attendants at a special-needs bus company, and stories about training and facilities at indoor sports stadia.


Tangerine Productions has the proven capacity to develop projects from scratch; to build budgets, assemble skilled teams and develop realistic schedules for big and small productions; to secure funding from broadcasters, private investment and government sources; to craft shooting scripts and interview question lists; to shoot all kinds of coverage; to manage post-production and story departments; and to bring an insured project to completion on time and on budget.

Peter has worked on TV series and films in many production capacities, including executive producer, developer, producer, director, writer, senior story editor, post-production co-ordinator, show runner, and production manager.

Our latest project


How the legendary gay nightclub became Alberta’s Studio 54

The infamous Flashback nightclub was established by owner John Reid as a celebratory haven for ‘gay people and their friends’ in the tumultuous 1980s.

From Disco to New Wave, from the Pisces bathhouse raid to the HIV epidemic – Flashback saw it all. The club changed Edmonton’s culture and put the northern Alberta Oil city on the map from L.A. to London.

Flashback’s production includes an 80’s-style re-enactment shoot that brings the club back to life; the recording of new disco music with singer D’orjay at the National Music Centre; and the restoration and resurrection of the club’s original neon sign.

‘Flashback’ is produced by Tangerine Productions Ltd. It is conceived by Peter’s younger brother and noted LGBTQ+ journalist and author Matthew Hays.

Peter Hays has been writing, producing and directing in the media business for 35 years. He built a foundation of clear writing skill as a print reporter for newspapers from coast to coast…

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