TPL has experience making feature documentary films in Canada and Europe and is in development for a scripted feature period film to be shot on location in southeastern Alberta and in sound stages in Calgary.

TPL welcomes the opportunity to provide a local production company partner to outside production companies seeking to produce films in Alberta. TPL has a spotless track record of securing provincial and federal tax credits and has a comprehensive network of trusted and skilled production and post-production crew who are ready to make a film happen on budget and on schedule.

In 2023/4 TPL produced Flashback (2024), a feature documentary film about the legendary 80s nightclub that became famous in the club scene despite its unlikely location, in Edmonton Alberta. In 2018 Peter Hays was a producer, writer and director on Villeneuve: At All Speed (A Tout Vitesse), a feature documentary about the famous Formula One race car driver that was shot in Italian, French and English in Canada, France, Italy and Switzerland.

  • Flashback

    It was the Studio 54 of the Prairies, a venue that owner John Reid vowed would be a safe place for ‘gay people and their friends.’ Flashback is the story of [...]

  • 13 Days

    13 Days is a period scripted feature film project about a tragic love story that happens on the eve of the formation of the state of Israel in 1947-48. It is an [...]

  • Villeneuve: A Tout Vitesse

    Canadian Formula One racer Gilles Villeneuve came out of nowhere and rose swiftly to become the best-loved race car drivers in the world. Today far too many Canadians have never heard of [...]