Books Into Film – Stan Lee

Books Into Film – Stan Lee

Stan Lee never got respect for his work as the editor of Marvel comics until computer graphics (CGI) caught up with his imagination.

For most of his life, Lee’s creations such as the Fantastic Four, Spiderman and the X-Men were too fantastical to bring to life on the big screen. That all changed when advances in computer graphics made it possible to show a man flying through the air on a spider’s web. Soon Marvel became a monster success at the box office, as a major figure in the rise of superhero blockbusters that changed cinema.

In this episode Peter Hays interviews one of his childhood heroes, Stan Lee, to learn more about the origin of some of Marvel’s most famous characters. Then in his 80s, Stan Lee is one of the most compelling interview subjects Peter has ever had the pleasure of speaking with.

Books Into Film enthrals viewers with its insider look at how directors translate beloved books into captivating films and TV shows.

Witness the creative fire ignite as seasoned directors dissect iconic stories, then meticulously craft them into gripping screenplays. Cameras capture the electrifying energy of brainstorming sessions, the thrill of location scouting expeditions, and the poignant moment when actors first embody these unforgettable characters.

From a cherished graphic novel to enthralling screen adaptation, Books Into Film offers a captivating journey – a behind-the-scenes adventure that proves the magic never gets old.

Peter Hays was show runner, occasional director and head writer on Books Into Film Season 4 (13 x 30).

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