In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight (aka Killer in Plain Sight) is a riveting 52×30 True-crime TV series by Frantic Films for Discovery ID (2018).

Each episode is a puzzling whodunit, featuring some of the most disturbing murder cases with the killer hiding in plain sight.

The killer can sometimes be featured on TV news reports, interviewed by the media, posts on social media or speaks out in newspaper reports, brazenly showing their face while all the time they had blood on their hands.

Peter Hays created the four-act story structure that defined each episode. In Act 1 we see the crime occur through re-enactments. In Act 2 we build a list of possible suspects who are hiding in plain sight. In Act 3 we start to narrow down this list until we get to a single suspect. Act 4 sees this killer brought to justice.

The series was highly popular and has been shown on a variety of broadcast channels, and later on streaming service Amazon. Peter was supervising story editor for the entire series.

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