Car Stories

Car Stories


Car Stories: a TV series that takes us for a ride with dedicated car lovers and their fabulous machines.

It’s a story of beauty and the call of the open road. It’s a classic love affair that keeps on driving. The styling… the lineage… these models are history on wheels.

Few products in our material culture have more purpose – freedom, utility and distinction – than cars. And even fewer elicit a more emotional response. This is not just another car show. It’s a tightly-produced series about people who love their cars, and an informed insight into why they do.

Loving owners reveal their tales of discovery and restoration. Story segments take an intimate look at the connection between the owner and his/her vintage car. The origin of these special and unique relationships are explored.

Owning a vintage car is so often a family affair. It’s a passion that requires a huge commitment of time, money and travel. We see how a vintage car changes the lives of the people who own it. From precious Model T’s… to smooth Cadillacs… to rare Ferraris…every one of these immaculate cars has a unique story.

What historic events shaped the car’s design? How did the car change history around it? What makes this car important, all these years after it first rolled off the factory floor?

Cars have been the focus of some of the world’s best designers and engineers for the past 100 years. From fins to seat belts, we’ll learn how historic events shaped vintage car design, and we’ll see how every classic car is a part of the times that shaped it.

And every vintage car owner’s heart is along for the ride. So take a TV trip with Car Stories and enjoy the emotional appeal and physical beauty of vintage car passion. It’s a (42×30) light-doc series about people who love their classic cars. Produced and written by Peter Hays for Joe Media Group in English and French (2016-2018).

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