Growing Concerns

Growing Concerns

Food security. Climate change. Genetic modification. If you need food, this program is of interest to you.

The world is shifting daily and anxiety is on the rise. Food is plentiful now but when pandemic hits shopping suddenly becomes hoarding. Should we trust our food supply? How do we protect our families in times of global upheaval? No one truly knows.

Growing Concerns is a series of hopeful stories that connects large and small communities across Western Canada by introducing us to passionate farmers who bring us the food we put on our dinner tables. There are no certain answers in an uncertain world, but there are many bright people in rural Canada who are finding smart answers that offer benefits for all of us.

In each episode of Growing Concerns we meet a farming family or group of working friends who are making a difference through agricultural innovation. We look at new technology from the ground up, and we add a layer of scientific agricultural expertise to put each story into context.

Peter Hays created the concept of Growing Concerns, (originally called Green Robot). TPL provided writing / producing / directing and narration services for the light documentary series telling rural community stories in Alberta. Owned by Joe Media Group.

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